A wonderful group of volunteers drive The Mount project, providing ideas, inspiration and direction. Why not become part of this amazing team? Contact us for more details.







John Latham has lived in Henley for 47 years and has been involved many community organisations  within the town during that time including the Guild Hall Trust, Court Leet, The Rotary Club, The War Memorial Trust, The Own Books charity and The Henley Cricket Club.

In 2014 when the Mount once again came on the market he and a small group of like-minded citizens approached a local philanthropic business man to purchase the land on behalf of the community. Now it is up to the whole of this community to make it work for us as an amenity for leisure, history and nature.


Peter moved to Henley in Arden 4 years ago and now lives in the shadow of the Mount. He's enjoyed working with the Mount Trust group and found that as a Chartered Engineer specialising in Civil and Structural Engineering he's been able to add to the mix of different skills in the group. The great outdoors has always been a huge attraction to him and Peter is very keen to progress the Mount Project to provide a fabulous leisure area for all ages - an area which has an interesting history, a beautiful landscape, and is all set within a stone's throw of the centre of Henley.

I have lived in Henley for 35 years. I went to school at Henley Junior school and Stratford Grammar before studying History at the University of Wales Aberystwyth .

I have been a committee member of the Henley & Beaudesert Society since 2002 and helped to restore the Milestone at Milestone Cottage in 2008. I was part of the Council sub-committee that repaired the Market Cross and improved the surrounding area in 2010.

I am currently a Trustee of the Joseph Hardy Trust which manages Henley in Arden's Heritage Centre where I am responsible for displays and the educational visits team. I am an officer of the Court Leet; a trustee of the Guild Hall Trust and a trustee of the Howard & Joyce Field Charitable Trust.





In 1988 I returned to the UK from 10 years living and working in Africa. I ended up in Henley-in-Arden by chance for a short-term work assignment filling in time before I moved on to Australia.

Henley did not want to let me go and I never made it to Australia other than for holidays.

Born and brought up in Wales I had no English connections - so I thought. A few years ago when researching my family tree I found that not only do I have English connections but that those very connections are with
Henley-in-Arden! I have now traced my Henley family back over 400 years and there is a theory that they came from Normandy in the aftermath of the conquest and were here with the original De Montforts that built the Norman Castle on the Mount.

With a family history like that I could not resist the call to get involved in the Mount Trust and so having retired from business I am ready to embark on the challenge of putting the Mount back in it's rightful place at the centre of Henley life.