In September 2014 it was announced that the Mount was once again up for sale. Over the past 30 years this beautiful and historic hill that sits behind St. Nicholas' church has become more and more neglected as successive owners have failed to maintain the land. The situation had become so bad that Historic England had to put an 'At Risk' notice on the 40 acre site which contains the remains of a 12th Century Castle.

As a result, a small group of Henley residents decided that we should try to do something to alleviate the situation. We approached Ray Chamberlain, a local businessman, to become our 'White Knight' to purchase the land, work with us and Historic England, to renovate the site and make it a community amenity that the town can be proud of.

Under Historic England's guidance, two years of a five year contract to restore the historical areas has already been completed. In the meantime, the Henley Mount Trust was set up and has developed
plans to:


clear the overgrown pathways

•  consider a new perimeter pathway


•  improve access and signage of pathways and historic areas


•  preserve important flora and fauna


On this website we wish to acknowledge the fact that without the support and vision of
Ray Chamberlain and his family, none of these ambitions would have been possible.

Therefore on behalf of the people of Henley we offer a huge and sincere vote of thanks to them.



Mr. Ray Chamberlain and The Forward Foundation Trust